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Destinations & Transport

Transfer service. We can meet you at Kiev airports; any railway/bus station; and escort you to your accommodation. You can ask any route, or your own customized route depends of your time frames and necessities.

Transportation methot. It can be used the traditional method of the transportation (by private car / van) or the authentic travel - trains, big buses and "marshrutka" (local buses). If the distances are long or the tour needs several days, we usually combine different transportation methods for the optimization of your time and budget. 

There are several types of trains in Ukraine :
- Intercity trains - they are modern, new and high - speeded, with comfortable seats;
- Overnight trains - can be modern and/or older, with sleeper couches (1st, 2nd and 3rd classes);
- Day time trains - sleeper and sitting couches (1st, 2nd and 3rd classes);
- Local trains - sitting couches (3rd class only).

The State Ukrainian railway company "UKRZALIZNYTSYA"
official website: 
everything for passengers: 
reservation / purchase travel documents (tickets) online:

"Marshrutka" can be translated as "a city route taxi". But in fact, it looks and works like a local public transportation. Are several types of "Marshrutka" (local bus) in Ukraine:
- city route buses;
- suburb route buses;
- intercity buses. 
The size of buses "marshrutka" can be different - from 8 till 20 seats. 

Intercity and interregional buses are bigger, than "marshrutka" (till 60 seats), more comfortable, more slowly and more expensive.



Note: Google Maps shows an ideal time, which need theoretically for driving between towns. But practically sometimes need to spend more time for driving. It depends of the season of the year, traffic situation, weather, roads condition etc. 


Kyiv - Lvlv  
550 km by car
Duration by train 5 - 12 hours


Kyiv - Kamianets'-Podil's'kyi  
440 km by car
Duration by train 8 - 9 hours


Kyiv - Vinnytsia
270 km by car
Duration by train 2,5 - 3,5 hours


Kyiv - Zaporizhia (Khortytsia Island)
560 km by car
Duration by train 7,5 - 12,5 hours


Kyiv - Odesa
480 km by car
Duration by train 7 - 13,5 hours


Kyiv - Chernivtsi
530 km by car
Duration by train 11,5 hours


Kyiv - Uman
200 km by car
No train connection


Kiev & Ukraine Private Tour Guides

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