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Khortytsia Island - Zaporizhia

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Ukraine Facts

History articles

     General history articles
          La Culture Des Slaves Occidentaux
          La Culture Des Slaves Meridionaux
          Culture Et Civilisation Byzantines
          La Guerra Giapponese. Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 (Chapter 2)
          La Guerra Giapponese. Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 (Chapter 1)
          Stepan Razin
          The Formation of the Russian Empire
          State Reforms in Muscovia Introduced During Peter's the First Reign (early 18th cen)
          Les Croisades. The Crusades
          Byzance Du IVe Au XIe (3.)
          Byzance Du IVe Au XIe Siècle (2.)
          Byzance Du IVe Au XIe Siècle (1.)
          La Pologne De La Seconde Moitie du 15 auMilieu du 17e Siècle
          La Pologne du XIe au XVe siècle. Poland in 11th-15th cen.
          The War of the Eastern Slavs and Baltic Peoples Against the German and Swedish Invaders
          The Huns. The Scourge of God

     Ukraine history articles
          Jenghis Khan's Conquests in Central Asia and Transcaucasia. The Mongolian Invasion of Kievan Rus Territory
          "Ukraine" - "Rus' " - "Russia". The Terminology Question
          Ostroh Academy, 1576. The First University in Eastern Europe

     Tales of the ancient world
          The Consul's Helmet
          By Fire And Sword
          King Millet
          The Fox
          Polybius in Corinth
          A Dye for Kings
          Scipio's Last Triumph
          Hannibal's Last‪ Victory‬
          The Oath Stone
          Sardonic Laughter
          Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus
          A Land For Socrates

File catalog

     Kyiv tours
          St. Volodymyr's Cathedral
          St. Michael Golden-Domed Monastery 
          St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral 
          House with Chimaeras
          Holodomor Victims Memorial
          Askolds's Grave
          Mariyinsky Palace
          Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)
          St. Andrew's Church
          Building of the National Bank of Ukraine
          The Mother Motherland Monument. National Museum of the Second Wold War
          Pirogovo (Pyrohiv) Open-Air Museum of Architecturw and Mode of Life

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     Realized customized tours
          Larry L. tour
          Daniel S. tour
          David T. tour
          Jewish tour for Alan S.

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